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Beflo successfully launched in 2022 and has gotten rave reviews from the likes of techradar as “the most premium desk on the market, and for good reason.” The branding has rolled out cohesively across everything from its website, social media channels and packaging.


We worked with them to focus on the smart desk space and created the name Beflo. We designed a san-serif logotype with a unique ligature that evokes a balanced and streamlined look to communicate the “flow.” The same curved element was brought throughout the visual system all the way down to the industrial design in the curved corners of the desk’s legs.

The four brand principle pillars: Adaptive Comfort, Ultimate Ease, Holistic Wellbeing, and Lasting Innovation were applied to product design as well as the surrounding consumer experience.

We created all of their key launch materials including the Shopify design, creating both the site architecture, content hierarchy of each page, and design layout. All brand guidelines and assets were housed on an online brand guidelines platform with assets to artwork and templates for them to support their digital marketing efforts.


With the pandemic resulting in people balancing both work and life activities at home, there was a growing demand for furniture solutions that are more versatile, comfortable, and functional. Our client, who was an OEM, saw the opportunity to create a DTC brand that would deliver a solution to empower people to enjoy a better way of living and working from home. We partnered with them to create and launch their first consumer brand. 

Given a blank slate, we studied the needs of the modern work-from-home customer. With an AI-powered online research tool we interviewed 135 potential American customers and gained the insight that they not only prioritize their physical health and get a good work-life balance, but also aim to optimize all the parts of their life. This led us to focus on positioning around the “flow state” where people can fully immerse on the task at hand and find enjoyment in the present moment.


Brand Strategy, Brand Voice, Visual Identity System, Brand Guidelines, Shopify Design, Social Media Templates

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