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Motorola Solutions was successfully launched with a clear purpose and creative articulation. The simple design language and templates allowed an exponential increase in communications created and embraced by employees all around the world. The storytelling vignettes enabled them to explain their new purpose to their 17,000 employees simply and authentically.


Analysis revealed that employees were tremendously proud of Motorola and the contributions the company has made, and so we reconnected them with the impact they have with a new purpose, "Motorola helps people be their best in the moments that matter."

The visual system leveraged some of the legacy Motorola brand equity while also creating a new "timestamping" graphic that highlighted the critical "moments" that where Motorolans played an important role that matters. We demonstrated this with real-world powerful imagery from around the world, shot in a photojournalistic style.


After 80 years of operating as a single company, Motorola were separating out their government and enterprise business as "Motorola Solutions." This moment created an opportunity to tell a clear, compelling story for this business and galvanize its global employees with a renewed sense of pride and purpose.


Brand Strategy, Brand Architecture, Visual Identity System, Brand Guidelines, Subbrand Design, Launch Design, Templates, Brand Training

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Executive Creative Director


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Young Kim

Anisa Suthayalai

Lloyd Blander



Kari Blanchard

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