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Samsung launched Bixby out into the world first in the US and Korea, and then to the rest of the world in phases. Our successful partnership resulted in continued support to help them in following years develop their dialogue style principles and creation of a video to launch new developments and features of Bixby.


Bringing key stakeholders across Samsung’s America, Asia, and Europe teams and business units, we ran a workshop and co-created the foundations for Bixby’s persona. Along with our assembled team of experts in the fields of branding, sociolinguistics, voice casting, scriptwriting, and motion graphics, we refined and built out the “Bright Sidekick” persona. This became the foundation for the development of Bixby’s name, voice, dialogue style principles and UX design principles.

After creating the core elements of Bixby, we created the first set of motion graphics for the different “states” of Bixby including “greeting,” “listening,” “thinking,” “responding” to work across a variety of products from smart watches to smart refrigerators. We created their internal launch video to introduce Bixby.


With the rise of voice assistants, such as Siri and Alexa, Samsung wanted to create their own voice assistant that would create a closer connection with users across their diverse portfolio of products. I led the team to assist Samsung with the task of creating their first branded voice assistant.


Client lead, Brand Strategy, Naming, Dialog Style Principles, Voice, Chrome and UX Design Principles, Guidelines, Launch Video

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Executive Creative Director

Prophet 2017

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Young Kim
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Darcy Munoz
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