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They successfully launched the playbook internallly and implemented the principles in creating greater consistency in their pipeline of future products.


We created their first Galaxy specific brand naming and nomenclature playbook. This provided comprehensive coverage across the entire Galaxy ecosystem of products. We developed their naming strategy, brand and logo architecture and decision tree for any and all occasions present and future on where the Galaxy brand might develop. Then created the playbook with content that was actionable for their internal local teams to use.


After having developed the Samsung Galaxy font (Samsung Sharp Sans) and the Galaxy brand strategy, Samsung came back to us to continue to evolve and strengthen their brand as it continues to grow.

Samsung MX (Mobile Experience) is tasked to guide teams across their divisions and subsidiaries to effectively managing the Galaxy brand.

However, the Galaxy brand never had their own detailed set of guiding principles and guidelines to ensure brand consistency and coherence of usage. They were spending too much time and effort answering questions about naming and logo development every time a new product needed to be launched.


Brand and Logo Architecture, Naming Strategy, Brand Guidelines, Logo Artwork

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Executive Creative Director 

Prophet 2022

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Young Kim

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