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The new brand and visual identity system was integrated into the company's website, mobile app and on-site collateral in preparation for Voom's official launch in the San Francisco Bay Area in 2019.

It marked the beginning of a new chapter of growth for Voom, driving strong, clear relevance by focusing on a key insight highly relevant to their target customers.


Together with the Voom team, we developed a new brand strategy and visual identity that focused on a key insight we found through research -  getting the most out of your time is seen as a driving factor in helping you achieve your full potential.

We created their brand platform and created their voice persona as a "Committed Catalyst" – along with messaging principles, to guide on-brand activation across marketing touchpoints.

We created a new logo, and visual system that highlighted the simplicity and advantages of flying by Voomusing a graphic device we named the ‘Seamless Connector’. Dependable and efficient, the system created a sense of pragmatism and dependability, enabling a consistent, seamless experience for customers across all touchpoints.


Voom, an Airbus company, offered on-demand urban helicopter flights which couldbe booked and flown within minutes.

As they prepared to launch in the US, they asked Prophet to help clarify what the brand stands for and to prepare for the future of the brand beyond helicopters.


Brand Strategy, Brand Voice, Visual Identity System, Brand Guidelines

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Creative Director

Prophet, 2019

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